Posting Sentry MBA Config? Follow this steps

Discussion in 'Sentry MBA' started by Ops!, May 11, 2015.

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  1. Ops!

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    Hey hey guys,

    Follow this steps if you want to post/share any sentry mba config in this section or in other sections (active/elite/vip/diamond)

    1. Check your config before posting this and add proof too, Example >
    2. Some Information about your config, Like > Combo type, Proxyless or not, BOTS, Capture
    Example >
    • Combo type: email:pass Combo or user:pass Combos or both (depends in your site)
    • Your config Proxyless or not
    • Bots: 7 bots
    • Capture: Valid until, balance, ect

    That's all
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