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    Hello guys!!

    Firstly, I would like to introduce It is a brand new LEGIT PPI (Pay Per Install) site where you can easily make hundreds of bucks daily without any hard work. You are guaranteed to make at least 10x more than average CPA or PPR sites. Here is the guide:

    1. Firstly, register on using either my referrerl link. If you register under me, I will tell you a few methods to start earning instantly. Just send me your account ID.

    2. After registration, go to "Links" and choose a landing page (I suggest the first "General 1" landing page if you are new to PPI). It will look something like this -{REQUEST_STRING}

    3. Now change the {REQUEST_STRING} with your niche keyword. For example, if my niche is diablo III gold generator then the link will be Diablo III Gold Generator Downloader

    4. Simply promote this link everywhere. Whenever someone downloads + installs the program, you will get credited anywhere around $2~$0.1. Usually USA downloads gives more.

    5. Now, the magical thing is that you will get over 50% guaranteed conversions for any traffic. This is at least 5x than average CPA. Also, all your visitor will convert, not like "unique clicks" on CPA/PPD. So, it is atl east 10x more earning than average CPA/PPD.

    Payments option (bi-weekly payment but media-kings will provide instant early payment if requested):

    - Paypal
    - Wire
    - Webmoney
    - Paxum
    - ePayments

    Here are some earning proof:

    Payment proof: (not mine)


    Contact info of owner:
    email: [email protected]

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