PSN cracking, accounts with sign in error, any solutions?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tzinakos, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. tzinakos

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    Hello people

    I ve done my big share of psn cracking myself, no newbie, but lately it seems like its even harder than before. It reminds me the days of the big ddos attack like 8 months or so back, that lead many accounts to change pass or give the sign in error (sending an email to update your info). Is there any tricks to avoid this? cause it seems to happen all over again. Sentry finds hits, bit later i chek them manually and they are allready dead! Do we need to use certain proxies or whatever? I always use paid proxies and i test them with fjp. Is psn getting imposimple nowadays? I am talking about gamesharing with cracked accounts. Also with the new 2 factor sign in method it sounds like in the future it will be even harder. However i dont think many people use this yet

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