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    Hi guys

    Those that remember me from other forums, will know that i'm no coder but like to make scripts etc with a program called winautomation.

    It basically runs quickphp (a small web server) that produce encrypted passwords needed to crack oboom.com.
    My sentry config queries this webserver on

    in order to get the encrypted pass.

    Credit to Zach Saw for this small, simple and effective web server.




    A few notes on this program:

    1. This program needs activation, so you need to pm me stating your hardware id and that it is for "Quickphp Oboom Webserver"
    2. The program was made for Active members & above and crackingcore crackers, so don't even pm me if you're not a member of these groups because I will ignore all such requests.
    3. I will use my own discretion as to who gets access, I don't want any noobs cracking oboom and make them increase their security sooner than necessary. So if you're recently joined Active members and haven't really good work on crackingcore I will probably also deny you access to this program.
    4. I have had only 1 user so far that had a problem running this program and they were using webroot AV. If you have problems running it, try disabling your AV.

    Lastly, if I haven't replied to your pm in 2 days it is due to point 2 or 3 above, or else I have been very busy at work, so please bear with me.

    Visual C++ runtime components ==> http://www.microsoft...ls.aspx?id=5582


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    To use, extract the rar to any folder and run enc_oboom.bat, this will launch quickphp into your system tray from where you can control / stop / quit it.

    Virustotal scan result:

    Price: 5$
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