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Apr 11, 2013
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Reaper 0.0.10d [BETA]
Known Issues::
Can sometimes take a couple of minutes to close all the threads when the 'Stop' button is used.
Very occasionally 'drops' a thread (I'm probably missing a Synclock somewhere which is throwing an exception).
Progressive cpu spikes

Other stuff::
Reaper can also be used as a standalone cracker and/or standalone checker.

To load a new proxy list whilst cracking use pause/resume.

The Browser option in the Testing box allows you to view the return data in a browser window, a visual aid to check that you are on the page you expected - you will just need to close any scripting error messages that are generated by Windows.

Debug Undetermined - Basically when the server data is returned Reaper checks for the presence of any of the config valid/invalid/banned/free/premium strings and server error strings. If none of these strings are found the status of the server data is deemed to be 'Undetermined'. If the Debug Undetermined box is checked the Return Data is displayed in the Testing box so it can be examined, useful for identifying banned strings and premium account strings (see below).

Because of the problem I've had with the app sometimes crashing around ~180,000 accounts I've also included a small utility in the download that will split a wordlist into smaller files as a temporary work around.

Use Reaper to identify Premium Accounts when you don't have a 'Premium' string for your config::
Identify and add to your config a 'Valid' and 'Invalid' string
Use your 'Valid' string as your 'Free' string as well
Set 'Auto Save Accounts' to checked
Run the checker on your word/combo list as normal - any Valid accounts will be shown as 'Free'
When finished, from the Accounts folder load the '<ProfileName> - AutoSavedValidLogins.txt' into Reaper as a Combo List
Identify and add to your config a unique 'Free' string (including path to relevant page if required)
Set Threads to 1 and set Debug Undetermined to checked
Run the checker
Check out any accounts that trigger the Debug Undetermined message box. As all the accounts you are checking are valid accounts and because you have only supplied a 'Free' string the account may be 'Undetermined' because it is a Premium account. If this is the case identify your unique 'Premium' string and Parse strings to complete the config.

Thanks and respect to Buddah for Apex, the basic concept of which Reaper was initially founded on



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