Completed Selling Steam account with CS GO + CS 1.6 + CS ZERO For 7$ ONLY BITCOINS

Discussion in 'Sellers Section' started by eon, Nov 2, 2013.

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  1. eon

    eon Banned

    here is picture from account
    This account i got from trade and i have it 2 months so probably will not be recovered

    CS GO + CS 1.6 + Cs zero are row ( works everywhere )
    CS : SOURCE and other games dont work anywhere

    Im selling it for 7$ CHEAP PRICE !

    -Im going first only with trusted members if you not trusted we will use middleman and you pay him
    -Im not responsible what happens to account after trade
    -I accept only Bitcoins like payment option
    -If you agree my tos feel free to pm me for more informations
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