Set For Adobe Photoshop Of (Action/Brushes/Shapes/Fonts) [+Bonus]

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    Set For Adobe Photoshop Of (Action/Brushes/Shapes/Fonts) [+Bonus]


    Huge set for users Adobe Photoshop | 577 MB

    - Action
    More than 150 action (scripts) for Photoshop, ie recorded sequences of certain actions that create different effects.

    - Brushes
    More than 1,000 brushes on all possible topics. Practically there is no subject that would not be presented here

    - Shapes
    About 300 pieces to create vector shapes. For every taste.

    - Styles
    More than 500 styles. There are text styles, styles for borders, buttons, etc.

    - Fonts
    Approximately 7,000 fonts. Of these, about 3,000 and 500 Cyrillic character. There are Arab, Gothic, manuscript ...

    - Bonus
    In the bonus provides a set of graphical components and simply beautiful images collected in the network. It is useful for both mounting and postcards, as well as for use as desktop wallpaper. Includes:
    1. Boris Valejo - paintings by the famous artist working in the style of fantasy. Quality sufficient to create photo montages format 10x15 (photo)
    2. Postcards dedicated Valentine's Day - 29 pieces
    3. Alan - 24 pieces. Where was taking - I do not remember, good painting a landscape. The name of the artist is not retained, I apologize ...
    4. Flowers - 120 pieces.
    5. Desktop Wallpapers - 77 pieces.
    6. Landscapes - 22 pieces
    7. Landscapes - 10 pieces (highlighted in a separate folder because of the high quality)
    8. Frame. Total 219 pieces, 19 of them - in the format of PSD. And the rest is easy to distinguish from the background.

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    Hi Sir, very respect with u.. u know why, because people here, are less to share the things that u share around the world here, i know u believe with what u have on u, wherever u are, u always be u, great n nice person... like me, newbie hard to find source n mentor to learn here.. Luckily by www, we can learn n gain if we willling to.. Thanks Sir.. So appreciated with u, u not make the knowledge that not on the price, but with value... :)

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