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    What is Smacker?: ​
    Smacker is a simple fast / easily websites log ins cracker.​
    Why Smacker?:​
    Fast Cracking (Test on my computer: Results: Internet Speed: 256ko /s really slow; Checked 790 Accounts /per 30 min).​
    Easy to deal with just select your combos list and start cracking and wait …​
    Low memory usage.​
    Free (For Some web sites).​
    What do we expect on the Next Version?:​
    Smacker working with plugins.​
    Smacker will provide speed/elegance/easy handling.​
    Project Started at: 09/09/2013.​
    Current Version: 1.0.​
    Project Coder: VaZeR.​
    Current Supported Web Sites [FREE]:​​
    Current Supported Web Sites [PAID]:​
    Download Versions:​
    [BitShare Version] [FREE VERSION] [1.0]​

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