[SOON] Next generation account dispenser: Introducing it to you

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    CrackingYourPW is currently building up a new store/dispenser.
    We're known for our previous store which can be found here.
    With easily over $500+ profit and some struggles later on, we had to call it an end. Yet it's still up for BTC sales.

    Now we all know the struggles with all those account dispensers, right?
    They share every account to everyone, nothing is private. That's about to change.
    We've came up with an idea in order to make sure your accounts you "dispense" are for you, IF you find them interesting.
    Now I can see you questioning, this would be abused, how would you counter it?
    Simple, limiting the amount of accounts you can mark yours.
    This doesn't just end the issue with sharing accounts to everyone, but will also decrease the amount of people who change passwords on them.

    Yet, the awesomeness doesn't stop there. We try and keep our site as dynamic as possible.
    It keeps you & us happy. Making our site more dynamic means more easy usage and more useful information.
    Besides making our website dynamic, we have a team (including myself) dedicated crackers who add accounts daily.

    As for now, our only payment method will be BTC due the limitation from PayPal. Which I hope to take care of soon as possible.
    Of course, our site will be 100% automatic with our payment automations.

    If we want to speak about security & what features are there:
    We will implant captcha on the register page & login in page.
    In order not to flood our database with user details we will only allow people to register in with their serial key, which you get after purchasing.
    We will use cloudflare in order to stop some threats.
    Also your passwords are encrypted, if you have a strong password, you're fine.
    On the registration form we will include a random password generator.

    > Previews:
    Improvements need to be done, also the template is private (or public in the meanwhile).

    > Test bunnies:
    I require several test bunnies, you'll be granted admin access so you can test everything.
    Sound appealing? Message me.

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