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Discussion in 'Archive' started by La Cocaina, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. La Cocaina

    La Cocaina Banned Scammer

    Hello everyone,

    I'll be selling High Quality dorks.
    These gain you SQL injectable websites.
    In the mean time I was writing this, I hit a 89k website -> http://i.imgur.com/W4irxCb.png
    Anyways, these dorks come with a genre you can pick.
    Such as gaming, forums stuff like that, it's all up you.
    If you want to make combolist who are good for Netflix, you can ask me to use a genre that focuses around TV.
    So you'll gain dorks from me, that contain loads of URLs with Television, Free TV etc..


    1K Dorks - $10
    2K Dorks - $20
    5K Dorks - $40
    10K Dorks - $75

    If you know how to use your combo's right, you'll will earn your investment back on these dorks.
    PM me for more information.

    Some proof that it actually shows websites I want to hack (Gaming & Hardware genre):


    Random Dorks:

    I had to move threads due I can't reply at my previous thread anymore.
    Reply towards this post:
    High quality stands for quality databases, not quantity. If your friend had the capabilities to read, he would have seen that.
    Also my random dorks provide high quantity.
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