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    Hi everybody!
    I just joined the forum upon the referral of Jacob.

    I paid to gain access, but that's not really important.

    A little bit of details about myself:

    I recently came here from LF after I was banned for 5 months for their stupid Activity Check system. All I did was explain to them the truth which was I went to my trailer for the weekend and so my ISP changed due to we have a different provider up there. I won't go into too much detail on this either though since it's probably not the best to talk about due to many reasons involving forum rules too.

    I am currently 18 going into my third year of grade 12 because I haven't finished it yet. I'm a little behind! Haha! I am mainly interested in cracking and SQLi. I will be releasing a twitter account dump soon after I use them for boosting followers.

    Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you folks!
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    Welcome abroad Homework, you'll enjoy your stay here!
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