The way to stay 100% anonymous in Internet :)

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    How to stay
    anonymous on
    the internet ?

    Today I will teach you how to stay
    100% anonymous on the internet..!

    First I would like to say...
    To all the people who say, that's impossible, if the government
    wants you they catch you.
    No that's not right.
    The people who got caught are stupid people. People who brag
    about what they were doing. Tell it to friends or write it on forums.
    Remember... If the police can't trace you they will try to dox you.

    If you brag about what you are doing they can just ask Admin's
    for your IP, because most sites and forums log your Ip's.

    Things you need :

    Wireless Network Adapter.
    Another nVpn account.
    Socks5 for use victims IP adress. One slave on your RAT.
    A list of working proxies.
    A closed mouth.
    A home.


    You should first of all encrypt your drive so not even the cops can
    access it and see what your were doing if they find your HDD.
    There are many tutorials on how to encrypt your HDD with


    Smac is a powerfull tool that can change your mac address.
    Use it! It's reduce the chance of getting caught.
    There are way to many tutorials on how to use it.

    Wireless Network Adapter

    Wireless network adapter change your mac addres, so if they
    found out your real mac address after you spoofed it with smac,
    they will just get the mac adress of your usb adapter.


    nVpn is the best vpn for hacking on the marked.
    What a VPN does is it connect you to a Virtual Private Network
    that is encrypted.
    So if they trace you they will get nVpns IP not yours.

    They say they don't keep logs, but I'm sure they do.
    But they delete after a period of time.


    VPS stands for a Virtual Private Server and what it do is that you
    connect to a Virtual machine, so you don't have any hacking shit
    on your machine and again, it's change your IP.


    You need one slave from your RAT to use his IP.
    Socks5 mean that your IP change to your victims IP.
    So instead of you, the cops end up to him.
    Remember, if this one.. You can get it to look like a person of your
    choice do it :)
    Of course when he say he didn't, they will scan his PC for rats..
    and then they will go a step down.. To your VPS :)


    Proxies change your IP in your browser and show another IP
    instead of yours.

    A closed mouth

    All time keep your mouth closed! If you brag about what you have
    done, you will get caught.
    They find you if you brag! Be sure about that. Even your friends
    will tell it to their friends.

    What should i do then i got this?

    First thing you need to do is to get slave rat, you could use are
    target person so the cops will end up to him.
    You should have encrypted your PC with truecrypt before doing
    anything else.
    But first you get down to the Internet Cafe with Wireless Network.

    When you are on the Internet Cafe you put your Usb Adapter in
    and spoof it's mac address with smac.
    Then you are there you connect to your nVpn. Then you connect to
    your VPS and connect to another nVpn account.
    Then you should forward your ports on nVpn that is installed on
    your VPS.
    Then you should choose a target from your rat list, right click on
    him and use him as socks5.
    After this you make a proxy chain. A proxy chain is a long list of
    working proxies so when they find your first proxy they just get to
    the next and this go on and on again and again.
    (The idea with a proxy chain is that they give up or the proxy has
    deleted logs before they get to the last one.)
    Keep your mouth closed. If you brag, they find you, be sure about

    Go home.

    And if you do something big so they go through all this they will
    just end up on the internet cafe with you home and watching TV.
    A good idea would be to take your HDD and your USB adapter
    out, run a magnet over the HDD and smash both USB adapter and
    HDD. Then burn it or something to the last. So there is nothing
    there can give you away if they come to your home.

    Tips n' tricks

    Just a little tip... A good idea would to not smash your PC at the
    Internet Cafe because that would maybe get a little attention and
    don't burn it there too..
    You can of course buy more nVpns, proxies and vps to get more
    secure etc.. Like -> nVpn -> vps -> nVpn -> Socks5 -> vps -> nVpn
    -> socks 5 -> Proxy chain -> Do your dirty job.
    Really, you don't even need all this, all this do it piss the cops off
    with after a long searching ending up on a internet cafe and a
    smashed computer. I'm not 100% sure about this.. But I think you
    just can go to the internet cafe, do your job, leave, smash PC and
    special the HDD! And that's it. But for being on the secure side so
    they have harder to find you. But if you follow my TUT it's will be a
    pain in the ass for the cops to find the internet cafe with no... you!

    You can use smac every time you connect to a new VPS for being
    double secure.
    If you use proxies that your country is unfriendly with, the cops
    with have a harder time to get the logs.
    Don't log on facebook or any other things that can lead to you
    then you are logged in with your vpn, vps, socks5 or proxies.
    Because then they just ask facebook for maybe that IP address and
    then they tell the the cops the latest account logged in that IP.
    Not use your real info then buying nVpn, vps, your RAT or buy
    Don't do this at your main PC, but a low price one if you want the
    smashing part.
    A good idea would be to take your HDD and your USB adapter
    out, run a magnet over the HDD and smash both USB adapter and
    HDD. Then burn it or something to the last. So there is nothing
    there can give you away if they come to your home.

    I hope this tut helped some people to
    stay anonymous on the internet.
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    You cant stay 100% private, vpn does not log but datacenter is. ; )
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    thanks for comment mate :) but this is the hardest way people cant track you :P
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    amazing information that was I looking for. many thanks
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    Great guide mustherg.Thank You
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    Nice I been looking for these information..
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    oh great thanks man ....

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