Thoughts on new ratio system and site now?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flylazybabyboy, Aug 25, 2016.

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    The site seemed like it was doing good before registration open: good quality posts, active members, less leeching, but I guess the site needed more traffic so the registration was open again. But now I feel as soon as he opened registration now we're having spam, people posting same accounts (20 different direct tv accounts in 20 different threads), posting accounts that aren't even legit, or just stealing and taking credit for someone else's art work. And due to that I feel as all the old members that would be active or post good quality stuff have lost interest or don't get on or participate as much on the forums like they used to and I feel part of that is because of the new people. I also feel like the ratio system is also the reason some old active members have stopped posting as much or can't anymore since they don't have the right ratio to post in certain forums. Obviously something had to be done bout the leechers he couldn't just ban everyone but I'd like to hear from you old senior active members from back before open registration and what you guys think or feel?

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