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    Tosses/Contests Section Rules

    1. When tossing, make it very CLEAR (choose the type of account from prefixes, expiry date, etc).

    2. Make the amount of slots you want clearly VISIBLE (as you can't change as the toss has started).
    Account expiry
    0-20 Days = 0 -15 Slots
    20-90 Days = 15 - 30 Slots
    90+ or Unlimited - 30+ Slots
    3. Don't be fooled by certain members giving rep and removing it.

    4. When your toss has begun, keep an eye on the members selecting numbers and edit your thread as it goes on filling in the slots with the names of the users, this way other members know what slots are free.

    5. When the slots are completely full, go to Random and fill in the box on the left hand side, your final number in the toss should be added to the MAX Number Field. When you do this click "Generate" then match it to the slot in your thread. This Person is the winner of your thread.

    6. Report the thread so that it can be moved to Dead Tosses.

    - I have a open toss but the account is no longer available.
    Report the thread, explaining what happened, then a staff member will remove the reputations and close the toss.

    - I have filled number and waiting for many day's but no response from thread owner, what should i do?
    Simply PM thread owner if he don't reply then PM any staff member, they will move it to dead tosses!

    Note: You have to follow rules strictly if you failed to comply with rules you will get a 3 days ban and if you do again will get a permanent ban!
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