Completed [Trade] Need To Know How To Bypass Steam Guard With Steam Multi Tool

Discussion in 'Trading Section' started by iCare, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. iCare

    iCare Active Member

    If you teach me how to bypass Steam guard with Steam Multi Tool
    I'll give you HIGH speed VPS
    Or A Steam account with Over 15 Games!
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  2. TheSilentBang

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  3. Piyar

    Piyar Member

    I can teach you bro
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    search in google to download this tools: Steam Multi-Tool

    Steam Multi-Tool and Bypassing

    The only downside of the Steam Multi-Tool is that it times out after 50 login attempts. Other cracking programs use proxies to avoid this, but not one program today is as efficient in cracking Steam accounts as the Steam Multi-Tool. Other cracking tools detect the Steam Guard and deem those accounts invalid. These tools could lose you lots of money because a lot of big game accounts are protected by the Steam Guard. The Steam Multi-Tool detects accounts protected by the Steam Guard as valid. Although the account is protected by Steam Guard you can still access and gain control of it.

    The Steam servers will ban any IP address that attempts to login consistently. Bans last about an hour long, but you can avoid that wait by using a VPN. I use a free VPN, which has several IP addresses to choose from. Try using Google to find free VPN trials.

    You can also avoid the IP time-out by setting the Steam Multi-Tool for durational cracking. Tick the “Use Timer” box and change the seconds to 83. Logging in every 83 seconds won’t appear suspicious to the Steam servers. Anything below 83 seconds will result in an IP ban for an hour.

    Creating Successful Combo Lists

    A username:password combo list is a list composed of either common usernames and passwords or by previously hacked usernames and passwords. This list will be used to crack Steam accounts. The usernames and passwords must have a colon ( :) delimiter in order for the list to cooperate with our cracking tool. We will simply be checking the validity of each username:password combination with the Steam Muli-Tool.

    When putting together a custom combo list you should search online for logs of other gaming accounts. For example, a lot of Steam users play Rune-Scape so you should search Google for “phished Rune-Scape accounts.” Keep in mind that you are looking for accounts with the original password. If the person that phished accounts has changed the password then that list is useless because you would be checking the phisher’s password instead of the original account holder’s password.

    Here is what an example dump would look like:

    Original Passwords

    Manipulated Passwords
    matahan: gethacked
    skittlezz: gethacked

    Notice how the original passwords are commonly used and that the manipulated passwords all the same.
    Phishers usually use the same password to avoid confusion because they change many account passwords.

    If you have two text files, one being usernames and the other being passwords, then you can create your combo list with my Combo Maker Tool. Try to avoid using porn site combo lists because they have a much lower correlation rate among active users as opposed to Rune-Scape and other gaming sites.

    Securing Unverified Accounts

    Changing the email
    Right click on the Steam icon and choose “Settings”.
    If the email is unverified then click on “CHANGE CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS”.
    Enter the password of the cracked account and type in a fabricated email address, such as the one above.
    - To avoid getting your cracked accounts disabled, avoid using same email addresses on multiple accounts.
    All accounts with the same email address WILL BE DISABLED.

    Changing the password

    Right click on the Steam icon and choose “Settings”.
    Proceed to “I want to change my password”.

    Don’t bother changing the security question unless the account you have cracked has been active within the last two weeks.

    Monetizing with Steam

    Selling, buying, and trading Steam accounts has never been easier.
    Below is a list of the best sites that you can sell on.

    There is competition between Steam account sellers.
    Below are some tips to follow when you begin to sell.
    Establish a positive reputation
    - Don’t sell accounts that may get disabled.
    Create an informative thread
    - Include all games on the account and its corresponding Steam digits.
    Create an appealing thread
    - Use uniformed formatting and some images.
    Don’t post specific prices
    - Have the buyer contact you with an offer for the account.
    Express Credibility

    Spreading with Steam

    This method will rely on Steam accounts that contain a lot of friends. You will be using the Steam Spammer v2. Simply spam each friend on the Steam account with a link to your infected file or phisher. Yes, this is a known method but many people do this with an account that has 0 friends.

    When you send a link to your “friend”, they will be more inclined to click on it and download your virus or fall for your phisher. Remember they will trust the person who originally owned the account that you have cracked. I have had so much success with this method because of the trust factor. On an average day of using this method, I infect around 100 people. I have found this to work best with a java drive-by. Remember that the success of your cracking will be based off your combo list. Follow the tips I have given you and you will end up finding or making one hell of a combo list.

    Abbreviated Tutorial

    Run Steam Multi-Tool and load your combo list. Only tick “Use Timer” box.
    -Ticking any other box or using any other tab will make the program crash because it’s outdated.
    Go to to check your successful accounts.
    -Some accounts may have 0 zero games and some may be VAC banned.
    Log into Steam with the accounts that have games and change the settings.
    -If an account is verified, try logging into the email listed with the password the cracked account came with.
    Run Steam Spammer v2 and attempt to infect the account’s friends.
    -Spam links to a phisher, virus download or java drive-by.
    Post all of your working accounts on your sales thread.
    -Include all games on the account and its corresponding Steam digits.

    َThis Links IS gooD too :

    Pm Me VPS plz TnQ
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  5. HoddHed

    HoddHed Well-Known Member Legacy

    disabling steam guard is impossible only if u have access to the computer of the victim or his email
    if u have access to computer victim they r some tool that can stop steam guard or if u have his email do u can simply disable it .
    they r 3 way for cracking ( not hacking ) steam:
    first : some private config for sentry that suppose that steam guard account are invalid
    second : some tool that put the steam guard account in other txt file than the valid account and u can check them after month or tow to if steam guard is still enable or not
    third: this is the best methode u can crack email list for exemple yahoo and hotmail ... and then they r one tool for checking if the email has steam account related or not so u can have access to

    i don't need the vps i only want to help
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  6. iCare

    iCare Active Member

    Tried It with steam multi tool and its not working.
    Thanks people
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