Trillium Security Multi Xploit Tool v3 Cracked

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    Trillium Security Multi Xploit Tool v3 Cracked
    1. Bilder hidden FUD *.chm (Help-file)
    2. Bilder hidden FUD *.vbs (Visual-Basic-Script) Exploit
    3. Bilder hidden FUD *.vbe (Encoded-Visual-Basic-Script) Exploit
    4. Bilder hidden FUD *.hta (HTML Application) Exploit
    5. Bilder hidden FUD *.bat (Batch-File) Exploit
    6. Bilder hidden FUD *.cmd (Command-File) Exploit
    7. Bilder hidden FUD *.wsf (Windows Script File) Exploit
    8. Bilder FUD hidden Microsoft Office Word Macro Exploit
    9. Bilder FUD hidden Microsoft Office Excel Macro Exploit
    10. You can select the Download Folder(%AppData%, %ProgramFiles%, %Windir%, %Temp%, %HomeDrive%)
    11. You can choose any type of Url
    12. You can select any type of file (*.exe,*.txt,*.jpg,*.Cert,*.rtf,.......)
    13. There are Build-In to the USG which generates each time unique sploit when I press "Compile"
    14. You can select random UpperCase, LowerCase and randomly a random number for the USG
    15. You can use Custom String Encryption ensures that 99% of the uniqueness of sploits and will kriptovat each string in the file split with a unique pass, regardless of the type of sploit
    16. HTML-Application/Help-File Editor Body
    17. Splaytime bypass the UAC and proactive

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