Cracking Tutorials [TUT] how to tell if a site is crackable

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    users. That does not mean it is not crackable (as long as you can pick your own combo) BUT it will be very difficult as you will need to be precise in your combos to have a chance of getting a working hit.

    will pull up page fter page of combos that have been posted. That of course means that bangbros is very well liked and a LOT of people sign up to the site. That means a larger database of users and thus a better chance of finding a hit.


    will pull up only 3 pages that can be found. That means that this site is not very popular and has a very small database. It is still crackable but will require more time and more precise combos to get a hit.


    will pull up 4 pages BUT none of them has any combos posted. That tells me this site is extremely hard to hit as the database is likely very small and no one is cracking it. When no combos are posted there is no way to use the combos to see what other sites the members are crossing over from or whatever sites they may also like so you have to start from scratch.

    P.S. I have cracked both dixies and freakymidgets so they are doable

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