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    455GB of Bandwidth left

    javascript: var domain = 'uploaded.net';var cookies = new Array();cookies['login'] = '%26id%3D2488848%26pw%3Dfd7ec556a910f322b31b9e2a846104b09fd580e0%26cks%3Df364f60866a0';if (location.href.indexOf(domain)==-1) {var g = confirm('You will be redirected to ' + domain + '. You will have to run this script again. Continue?');if (g) {location.href = 'http://' + domain;}} else {alert("Enjoy, for more premium accounts visit http://premiumaccounts.me/");for(var i in cookies){void(document.cookie = i+'='+cookies+';domain=.'+domain+';path=/;');}location.href = 'http://'+domain;}

    How to use the cookie:
    1. Make a new bookmark with the name: Uploaded and address: Paste the Cookie
    2. Go to http://uploaded.net/ and click on the bookmark
    3. Don't log out of the cookie, it will expire it

    To bypass the too many IP error import the file into the account and turn on direct download, then use IDM to download it

    Here's a GIF showing how to do it
    - http://i.imgur.com/EV1kdXo.gif

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