[URGENT] I need help! Sentry MBA won't work!

Discussion in 'Archive' started by TheSilentBang, Sep 30, 2013.

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  1. TheSilentBang

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    Hello guys!

    For the past couple months, I've been experimenting with Sentry MBA (the newest version). In this time, I have not cracked a single account using this software! Everyone else keeps posting an assortment of cracked accounts across Cracking Core when I cannot get Sentry MBA to function properly.

    Here is my problem:
    I load a good snapshot (from Cracking Core!)
    I load proxies into Sentry MBA.
    I then load a Combolist into Sentry MBA.

    I click on Progression and click start............

    ......After waiting a few hours I go back and check on Sentry's progress.

    And it says something like "0 Tested, 2500 Retries and 3000 Errors". No Tested! After several hours!

    What am I doing wrong? The Cracking Core member who can help me solve this problem with Sentry MBA will be rewarded handsomely. Please reply to this thread or send me a PM so I can get this show on the road. Thanks in advance.
  2. Valkyria

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    "0 Tested, 2500 Retries and 3000 Errors"
    You dont upload properly your config.
  3. moosakhan

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    Bro , i am pretty sure your config is outdated..You really can't find good working configs for free on the internet.

    I was in the same problem as yours a while back but then I went and bought some private configs from a private source..Ever since then I am cracking accounts , heck I can crack paypal.

    Get working configs and try avoiding proxyless . Also you need a good combo list , a valid one for the site you are cracking cuz even if your config is working , and the combo is not valid for your target site , you will never get hits..

    so with that being said , try getting a good config , combo and a bunch of unbanned fresh proxies..

    I have my way of testing if a config is working properly , for instance you want to crack ..umm lets say origin.

    You make an account on origin and save the credentials in a .txt file..load the config proxies and your own credential ( ill advise to put one real credential and one fake in that .txt to see if it gets the hit correctly ) ...and then see if u get a hit..if it doesnt hit ur account u just made , your config is useless .and if it does get a hit .. then the combo list you were trying previously was invalid..

    For further assistance , add me on yahoo .Ill be happy to guide you :)
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