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May 10, 2013
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VPNium v1.7 Premium anonymous VPN prospective shoppers.Many people at work is impermissible to use social networks, and then wish. Out there golf stroke yourself VPNium you at work to ascertain my account on any social networks.Use merely free VPN service.256 2048 tiny safety measures, browse anonymously browse even though not censorship, browse firmly, freed from charge. Is not it awesome?

Features :

No registration
This is true. you are doing not would like any reasonably registration to use VPNium. this implies that you simply} will begin victimization your VPN association in seconds just transfer and begin.
Browse Anonymously
Nobody can understand your honest ip address. you are regarding of our servers.
Hide your location
Servers in numerous countries square measure on the market place for you. Joining to totally different servers you are dynamical your location for everyone.
Is it very free?
Really free. Please use the most options with none obligations. its fully enough for usual activity browsing mailing etc. Activate boost possibility if you wish further services.
Do i want VPN?
Security anonymity no censorship the most blessings of victimization VPN service.
Public WiFi Security
You are terribly vulnerable once you use open hot spots. Phishing, snooping, hacking the most dangers. write in code your personal reference to VPN to avoid the risks.
Why folks use VPNium?
VPNium is that the best thanks to get all edges of quality VPN association if you wish it from day to day. solely keep VPNium on your computer system and use once you would like it. No subscriptions no monthly prices on the market at any time.
Uncensored Access
Facebook blocked in your work environment? Any sites blocked in your country? Use VPN and avoid censorship
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May 21, 2013
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Thanks man.. I was able to download it through winrar and i install it.. I have some error net.exe on my laptop and when i clicked on continue it did not connect me. I also noticed that the password was not included to get access to the login.. The free trail ain't working as well..

Please put me through.. Perhaps i did the wrong thing..

Thanks again..


May 16, 2013
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thanks so is it just a cracked software or it has premium account in it?