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    First and foremost, I would apologize for the downtime. We worked hard in this period to convert the forum to another forum software and add many of new features.

    We converted the forum to XenForo after three years of using IP.Board, we have taken this decision for several reasons.
    • Upon members requests to add some restrictions to marketplace, we decided to make the marketplace is only available to members who registered at least 30 days ago.
      A new badge for our trusted sellers so you'll be sure that you're trading with a reliable/professional seller.​
    • Buyers prefer buying from Trusted Sellers and getting access to this section means you're Trusted/Verified.
      The sellers who have blue badge could sell in Trusted Sellers Section.

    • You can sticky your thread in Marketplace by made a payment via PayPal or Bitcoin then you can manage your sticky threads from Your Ads.

    • Ads Manger, you can create an ad, manage your ads, view invoices, view the daily statistics and clicks!
      Payment methods: PayPal and Bitcoin.

    • Many members asked to increase daily reply limit, now the regular members can add 4 replies per day in premium categories (Read More).

    • The most important feature, the member can't see the hidden content before add a 'reply' and click 'like'.​
    • New feedback system, we merged all feedback from the old feedback system.
      This took a lot of time to move over than 800 feedback one by one because the new system is completely different from the old one.​
    • A banned members list with the reason of banning.​
    • Improving user experience by using full responsive style.​

    Don't hesitate to PM me if you have any question about your subscription or anything else.
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