When posting steam accounts - dont hide the games it has (same with origin) - make it a rule

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    Recently, i was pmed by an admin saying I "leech" accounts.

    Here is the following picture:


    And here is the evidence in his link:


    I can fully understand the admin, but as I posted in each one of my replied on the threads, I was looking for an account containing the games of GRAND THEFT AUTO, each one of the accounts were containing only HL2, CS:S, or other (very old) games which i already have on my own account.

    My point here is, I was obviously not trying to leech (even tho i understand why the admin thought I was). So I am kindly asking an administrator to make it a rule to only hide the account itself when posting it, but reveal the games which the account has on it.

    This would lead to less confusions and misunderstandings between the admins and the users if this happens again. Each and every accoutn I have replied to, I use personally, All when it comes to spotify all the way to netflix. Many times the accounts were banned, which led to having to reply to another thread to find a working one, and within few days of usage they end up getting banned again (in some cases they last very long time!).

    Also please like in some posts make it a rule that when u post spotify that u provide which country it is from. That i very important so that the country matches the one the member is on or its quite useless tbh.

    Hope this clear some things and would be happy to see this rule implemented!

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    I´m with Boyakashha it´s everytime the same problem if you want something special

    I got banned because of that.
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