Completed (Will pay) Sentry MBA help | Skype Config ($$$)

Discussion in 'Buyer's Section' started by nick_wright_204, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Ok so idk what im doing wrong but ive been trying all day to get my Skype Config to work.
    I made a Skype Config all im getting is 430 errors, 420 errors, No header found ect... Bunch of errors!
    Then when it dose work the password thats right gets the error (Usally 430) then all the other passwords get the Ban key or the Fail key. Im sick of this and I want a working Skype Config with a working Proxy list and a good Skype Combo list.

    I will pay for a Proxy list maker/grabber, and a Combo list maker/grabber.

    Please PM me or add my Skype: gusty_204

    Willing to pay a lifetime 3gbps strong stresser & the max boot time is 800 seconds (Worth $40)
    Willing to pay $13 (Paypal)
    Willing to give an Email DoXer and all sorts of hacktools.
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