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Discussion in 'Sellers Section' started by Garden, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. Garden

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    What I am selling: I'm currently selling 15$ Microsoft Currency codes for 12$ A piece​
    Shop Is Currently OPEN
    How many in Stock:​
    In Stock [13]
    Sold [5]
    How To Buy: All Transactions will be through Paypal.. I'm only accept gift and you must provide a Note I tell you too.​
    How You Will Receive the code: All Code Will be sent Via Team Viewer so I can record the screen to show proof of the code working.​
    Proof (Kinda Big Sorry):​
    Skype: Primal.v​
    About: I was a very successful in selling the 48 Hour trial codes I ran shop I ran and made over 500$ and got a crap ton of vouches and also became a trusted seller. I will not go first to anyone, Or give out any vouch Copies..​
Thread Status:
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