Knowledge on Bitcoin and doing transactions?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flylazybabyboy, Aug 27, 2016.

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    Any buyers/sellers familiar with Bitcoin care to shed some knowledge; I'm trying to get into bitcoin and doing transactions with bitcoins (since most people do bitcoins and won't accept paypal). If I were to buy something from a seller for example a gift card that have a value of $500 and the seller said his percentage is 10% what do they mean? How do I figure out how much 10% is in bitcoin? It is easy to figure out the math when doing paypal or basic USD. I went to google did "USD to BTC" and put in 500 USD and it converted it to bitcoin which came out to be "0.87" so do I take the 0.87 and figure out 10% of that bitcoin conversion?
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    $500 - %10= $50 put in $50 in and see how many in bitcoins that is

    at current rate ofcourse :) that is the amount in bitcoin you need to send
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    I recommend you check this guide. That being said, I'd get verified on some platform like Bitstamp. You need to send them documents and proof that you own a bank account, but if you regularly want to buy bitcoins that's gonna be the most reliable way without risking to lose money in private sketchy transactions.
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    I've never bought bitcoin. It's too much risk for me, too afraid of my personal information being exposed. That being said, that's why I'm always connected to a VPN 100% of the time. The conversion rate is easy, if someone wants $50 for their $100 account or $100 gift card, just type "50.00" in the USD field and it will automatically convert it to today's rate in btc. I suggest you use , it's one of the most safest wallets out there and many 2-step and 3-step auth to prevent people getting into your wallet. I know it sucks but btc is the only thing folks accept but it's well worth it. The moment I started doing selling things for btc and buying things, the moment my "empire" grew and I was getting better hits, more knowledge, etc.

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