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    When was the last time you guys checked the marketplace for banned content ? I can't not to notice that two very simple rules are not followed so often by so many members:

    Rule no.7 Not allowed to sell (PayPal/Cards/Bank Accounts/Porn Accounts)
    Rule no.8 Add your sales in one thread (By Good Format)

    Same thing is mentioned and at "General forum rules" for Premium account area:
    * Paypal accounts, Bank/Government accounts and Cards are not allowed.

    Now, by doing just a simple search at marketplace (looking for "card") I have found several active threads. Furthermore, I also saw that some members are creating more than one selling thread at a time rather than to keep all their stuff within one thread (shop).

    Would be nice to see marketplace cleaned of that stuff.

    Furthermore on this. Is there any use of the threads from 2014 and 2015 year ?

    It would be better if there is an rule that all the selling threads older than 3 months without a bump should be considered as inactive and therefore closed. By adding this rule you will either make the members more active keeping their threads alive either keep the cleaner board removing the non active ones. In both cases forum board wins.

    Best regards and have a nice day.
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