We're Back! Forum is Upgraded and Online Now!

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Apr 9, 2013
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Greetings everyone!

First of all, I'm so sorry to all of you for the downtime, this is definitely NOT how I wanted to spend our first week of 2020.

In the interest of improving the user experience for all members, we have upgraded forum software from XenForo 1.5 to XenForo 2.1. A bunch of changes and new features have been added to the forum, we've been working on these updates for some time and couldn't be happier with how well CF has turned out!

  • Forum style fully redesigned
  • Merged Elite and Active members sections
  • Added new sections
  • Removed the Ratio System
New features
  • Reactions
  • Bookmarks
  • Unfurling URLs
  • Emoji
  • Native Push notifications for Android & Desktop
  • Folder support in conversations
  • Sticky conversation
  • Gift upgrades to another member
  • Reply / Post templates
  • Edit own message in chatbox
  • Users can start a private conversation in chatbox (limited to active members, VIP, and Diamond members)
  • Change username from profile (limited to active members, VIP, and Diamond members)
  • Marketplace threads are displayed under a tab in the user profile
  • Unlimited time for editing the first post in the marketplace
  • Lock / Unlock own thread in the marketplace
  • Bump sales thread in the marketplace without replying (there's a daily limit)

Please have a look and give some feedback!

Those of you with VIP / Diamond accounts will be getting subscription extensions, the same applies to our sponsors.
Not open for further replies.